Where Emergency Medicine Begins

Metix augments patient monitoring by pairing the world’s smallest high acuity monitor Coremed, with the fastest data telemetry available. These powerful capabilities combined with our web based remote monitoring software and analytics help clinicians make informed decisions that will improve patient outcomes, flow, satisfaction and value.


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Patient Data Journey

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Metix Remote
Less Time Monitoring. More Time Caring.

Through our portable monitoring device Coremed and remote monitoring dashboard, Metix improves prehospital communication, patient treatment, triaging, reporting and overall patient outcome

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Continuous Vital Sign Capture

Coremed constantly monitors a patient's vitals and stores the session data locally. This information can be later exported or streamed in real time to a remote monitoring platform for further clinical review.  

This allows first responders to focus on providing care rather than manually taking snapshot data and scribbling recordings periodically. Coremed provides a complete and indepth patient history

Remote Monitoring and Triaging

Metix's remote monitoring platform can monitor multiple patients simultaneously, ranking them based on severity with its heavily automated patient scoring engine. 

Continuous and automated scoring combined with Metix's live location tracking to establish ETAs,  help route patients to the most appropriate treatment facility.  This streamlines the patient handover process, allowing emergency departments to better prioritise and manage resources. 




Clinical Reports

The patient data that is captured is stored on the Coremed and can be exported in print ready formats. In addition reports can also be generated on the remote monitoring platform for upload to an EPR. 

These reports which can be generated ahead of time before a patient's arrival to A&E cut down on patient handover time, provide clinicians with an ongoing in-depth clinical assessment reduces administrative burdens.