Reporting & Documentation Automation


Patient Monitoring

Our user-friendly grid makes it easy to manage and prioritise patients based on the vitals and triage score that are displayed on each card. Up to 8 patients per screen can be monitored simultaneously .

Patient Detail

All information gathered during a session is categorised into, patient details - where all patient set up and additional information is aggregated and displayed in a table.

A Historic Tab shows all historic data for triage scores, modules. and all previous NEWS2 assessment. The modal view shows the historic chart, with all parameter charts expanded.



Patient Admission

View all patients coming into A&E, using NEWS2 as a prioritisation mechanism, to assess a patient in transit and suggest care in transit. We use the NEWS2 as a single digit format to assess criticality and to ensure the patient receives the appropriate care that they require. This score is also presented alongside other assessment scores to aid clinical decision making, when assessing a patient.