World Extreme Medicine Expo 2015

Metix exhibited for the second time at the Extreme Medicine Expo. The World Extreme Medicine Expo hosts the world's leaders in providing medicine and health care in the globe's most inhospitable and extreme environments.

COREMED was proud to feature along some great medical leaders, many of which showed a keen interest in our progress and development. Attending the Extreme Medicine EXPO gives the Metix team a clear and in depth understanding of what our device will be put through and its need for robustness and lightness. 

Thank you once again WEME for your support and we look forward to returning next year.

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Overwhelming success for students at the Student Enterprise Awards

On Wednesday 10 June, Southampton University students attended SETsquared’s annual Student Enterprise Awards at St. Marys Stadium, winning Best Student Enterprise, Best Graduate Enterprise, and Best Game Changing Enterprise. This year continued the success of our students at 2015’s Student Enterprise Awards.


SanEco was awarded Best Student Enterprise for their work empowering communities using sanitation. Winner of Best Graduate Enterprise was DividaBill, an innovative way of managing your bills whilst at the University. Metix Ltd won Best Game Changing Enterprise at the awards evening, for their development of a handheld vital signs monitor called COREMED® Aid.

Metix Ltd scored a double victory after additionally being awarded the coveted People’s Choice Award. The company’s marketing director, Peter Street, said:

“It’s a huge honour to be voted the People’s Choice out of all of the companies that were pitching.”

The evening was organised by SETsquareda collaboration between the universities of Southampton, Bath, Bristol, Exeter and Surrey, supporting the growth and success of new business opportunities and bringing together top student and graduate entrepreneurs.

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Scottish Edge Event - Winners

We're very privileged to have been invited to the Scottish Edge #Final6 and to be winners along side the very best of Scotland's upcoming Entrepreneurs. Great speeches from Sir Tom Hunter, James Watt and Euan Cameron, made all of us feel, proud, amused and determined. 

We had a fantastic time and the £6000 will certainly help in the development of our COREMED Device as we strive to pioneer where emergency medicine begins. Metix looks forward to competing for funding at the next ScotEdge event.



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Young business minds win number of awards

TALENTED Southampton entrepreneurs claimed a number of awards at an enterprise awards show.

The annual SETsquared event featured students and graduate businesses from Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Surrey and Southampton competing for awards.

Organisers hope to discover the Richard Bransons and Duncan Bannatynes of the future and no fewer than three entries from the University of Southampton took home prizes.

SanEco won the Game Changer Social Enterprise section, while DividaBill was crowned Best Graduate Enterprise and Metix Ltd came first in the Best Student Enterprise category.

Peter Street, marketing director of Metix Ltd, was delighted to have scooped the award.

He said: “It is a huge honour to be voted the people’s choice out of all of the companies that were pitching.

“Choosing entrepreneurship as a career path may seem daunting to some university students but there is so much support out there from organisations such as SETsquared, the University of Southampton and Fish on Toast, the university’s entrepreneurial society.

“Their advice and mentoring has helped us get our business off the ground and I’d urge any young person with a good business idea to take the leap and go for it.”

Metix Ltd is a medical technology company that is working on the development of a robust handheld digital signs monitor, whereas SanEco aims to power communities using sanitation and DividaBill provides a service to help students manage their bills.

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Pitch to Rich - Update

We received the news today that our Pitch to Rich was unsuccessful.  Firstly a big thank you to everyone who voted for us and we apologise that we didn't do enough in our pitch to convince the judges that COREMED deserved to be in the finals.

We are not down beat though! Metix has a very busy month ahead speaking with investors and new partners. We look forward to keeping you posted and you can be assured that we'll continue to strive to ensure we can deliver COREMED to the best of our ability and build a team of exceptional parters, sponsors, advisors and investors.

Thank You.

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Metix Selected as a Scottish Young Edge Winner

Metix is in need of recovery!  It's a confusing feeling when you leave a pitching competition without the judges asking a single question. However it seems we can diagnose it as stunned silence as we've just been selected as winners in the Young ScotEDGE Awards!

We're incredibly proud. Thank you ScotEdge for selecting us, we're extremely grateful and thankful for your advice and support.  We'll continue to strive to be a credit to you, the healthcare industry and Scotland's Start-Ups. 

We look forward to seeing you on June 12th at the award ceremony.

The Metix Team


Metix pitched its wearable / handheld emergency vital signs monitor to Scotish EDGE on May 4th. We're determined to have our mobile vital signs monitor re-invent where emergency care begins through our remote monitoring features and ergonomic design. 

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Engage Invest Exploit - Metix's Beta Unveiling

Metix unveiled its Beta prototype at the EIE investor showcase on May 14th in Edinburgh. Metix was very excited to exhibit and we met some fantastic people. Thank you everyone, especially EIE and Informatics Ventures for your support and interest. Your support strengthens our resolve to deliver our COREMED device to the best of our ability and help save lives the world wide. 


Metix showcased its wearable / handheld emergency vital signs monitor at EIE on the 14th May in Edinburgh. We're determined to have our mobile vital signs monitor re-invent where emergency care begins through our remote monitoring features, robust & ergonomic design. 

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Metix Shortlisted!

Thank you everyone who voted for Metix in the #PitchToRich competition. We made it to #40 in our category and as a result have been shortlisted by Sir Richard's team.  We look forward to keeping you updated. Thank you again!

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Press Release - Worlds first wearable emergency vital signs monitor; a tool needed to improve those caught up in disasters.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                            CONTACT: Peter C.W Street

April 27th, 2015                                    +44 (0)7914840250


METIX Ltd Pioneering Where Emergency Medicine Begins


Worlds first wearable emergency vital signs monitor; a tool needed to improve those caught up in disasters. 

Glasgow, United Kingdom (April, 2015) – Following the tragic events in Nepal over the past few days the need for remote medical clinicians to be as well-equipped as if they were in an emergency room has never been more critical. With tens of thousands of people in isolated areas requiring emergency treatment and with clinicians having limited access to the medical instruments they require; there is a desperate call for emergency responders to be much more adequately equipped to deal with these types of disaster. 

Events such as the Nepal earthquake strengthen Metix’s resolve to ensure it can produce the world’s wearable emergency vital signs monitor, COREMED Aid —a device pioneering where emergency care can begin. COERMED gives clinicians the tools and the vital information they need to make life saving decisions. 

A team formed at the University of Southampton has received support in various forms from UK Trade & Investment, University of The West of Scotland and the Extreme Medicine EXPO.  Their support has brought Metix to a stage where we are only eight months away from delivering their first device to testers who will be using Metix’s creation in extreme and emergency environments.

Metix is now approaching Sir Richard Branson in the nationwide Pitch to Rich competition. The advice and investment, if won, will ensure that COREMED can see through its development and be implemented to help in a variety of disaster zones such as those being witnessed in Nepal. Metix is currently ranked #21 in the competition out 583 entrants. Metix needs to stay in the top 50 to ensure its device is put in front of Sir Richard Banson’s team. There are plenty of great ideas being put forward to Richard however your vote for Metix will be crucial in helping to complete a lifesaving device for the world to benefit from. Please vote for Metix Medical by visiting -

Metix’s device gives responders the ability to measure through a robust, reliable and highly mobile device the following vital signs. 

  • Blood Pressure 
  • Blood Oxygen
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Heart Rate
  • Body Temperature

COREMED's platform is designed to be robust, mobile, affordable and compatible. A tool that doctors can rely on and that can make their vital work more streamlined. COREMED will dramatically improve patient outcomes by harnessing and obtaining data during the most crucial moments of a patient’s trauma, which will always nearly be outside a hospital. It is estimated that less than 1% of trauma accidents worldwide are monitored, COREMED is going to change that. When connected to the internet via a satellite beacon COREMED has the ability to transmit medical data ahead of time to the emergency room so that doctors and first responders can work together to make life saving decisions. 

Metix was invited to exhibit at the Extreme Medicine Expo where it gained valuable interest from various organisations involved in extreme and remote medicine such as the Irish Defence Forces, Royal Navy, MSF and even NASA! It is to these organisation Metix looks to provide its first batch of devices, helping to save the lives of servicemen, those caught up in natural disasters and even to help further our understanding of Astro Medicine. 

Thank you for your support and please remember to vote. 

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About Metix

Metix was founded in 2012 by Mexican doctor and entrepreneur Julio Enrique, he was inspired by technology since he was a teenager and has always looked for unconventional solutions to problems. After graduating in Medicine and volunteering in clinics in rural Mexico he was convinced that the path to improve patient outcomes for everyone was outside his day job as a GP. Julio chose a path rarely chosen by doctors: focusing in developing technology to improve quality of care by empowering clinicians with reliable and accessible tools. 

Julio built a team of graduates all from the University of Southampton specialising in Artificial Intelligence, Low Power Micro Processors, Software Engineers, Marketing and Finance.  Working together this teams will provide the worlds first wearable emergency vital signs monitor by December 2015.

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Pitch to Rich


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UKTI's Sirius Programme gives life to Metix's Coremed monitor

HEADER_Pharma_630x200_LSE (2).png

As a medical student at Mexico’s Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, Julio Enrique Guerrero found that he had a passion for medical technology. He spent time with the biomedical engineering department and learned about creating medical devices used in hospitals, clinics and disaster settings.

After finishing his degree in 2012, Julio decided to work toward an MSc in Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care at the University of Southampton. He also pursued his interest in biomedical engineering, joining the committee of the University’s entrepreneurship society where he was able to develop an idea he’d had for a cost-effective vital signs monitor. Julio’s experience as a doctor in Mexico’s Social Service gave him insight into the needs of medics in the field. He felt that a monitor with a print option and web connectivity to send information to hospitals would be an improvement on the devices currently on the market. The young entrepreneur teamed up with two fellow students who had expertise in hardware and software programming, investing £3,000 of his own money to create a prototype.

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Un médico mexicano high-tech

Enrique Guerrero Ontiveros was never crazy about being a conventional doctor. Not that he doubted his vocation. During his time at University Hospital  Faculty of Medicine UANL- Julioand other students manually checked vital signs again and again, because monitors and could only be used if the patient had a serious condition. "I left Mexico with the idea that things are complicated by bureaucracy and lack of technology. I soon found out that this happens everywhere"

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A high-tech medic - EL Norte

Julio Enrique Guerrero Ontiveros was never too keen to spend the rest of his life only signing prescriptions. He has always been passionate about technology, during his medical education he was involved with the Biomedical Engineering department among other atypical areas. With a scholarship from the Faculty of Health Sciences while studying his MSc in Leadership and Management in Health and Social care at the University of Southampton, he won multiple prizes in hackathons and technology competitions and was elected for the University's Entrepreneurs Society Committee.

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