Chris Howie - European Life Sciences Specialist 

Chris Howie recently joined UKTI as a Life Sciences Specialist, covering Europe. Chris has over 20 years European healthcare experience working with pharmaceutical companies AstraZeneca, Lilly Industries, Pfizer (Wyeth pharma) Genus and Grunenthal; as well as medical devices/diagnostic companies with Becton Dickinson, Bioquell and Lightintegra.

Chris covers most major therapy areas and has worked in all Western European Markets. Chris’ remit is to support new companies investing in the UK, whether it is on a purely clinical basis or further understanding of the NHS and how to collaborate effectively harnessing new innovative products of devices.


Alan Barrell - Fundraising and Commercialisation

Alan Barrell has spent almost 30 years in senior executive positions in technology based industries and has become one of Cambridge's most articulate promoters of entrepreneurship. He was a founder shareholder in Library House Ltd, and is now Entrepreneur in Residence at the University's Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning and Visiting Professor of Enterprise at the University of Bedfordshire School of Graduate Business Studies. He is also Distinguished Guest Professor at Xiamen University, Visiting Professor at Shanghai College of Science and Technology and at the Fujian International School of Economics and Business, Fuzhou and Guanzi University, all in China. He has taught at Tsinghua University Beijing, Fudan University in Shanghai and Minjiang University, Fuzhou City. He acts as Consultant to the China (Shanghai) Public Practicing Base for Entrepreneurs.

His interest in China, its history, people and culture has become a major feature of his life and work. Other appointments include Senior Enterprise Fellow, University of Essex, International Fellow, Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge, and International Research Fellow, Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki and at University of Lahti also in Finland.


Luis Guerrero - BS Electronics & Communications Engineering

35 years of experience in Electronics Business Development including: Product Design, Prototyping and Manufacturing introduction, Assembly and Test, Regulating Agencies, ISO, UL, CSA, CE, Customs Laws and Regulations, Import / Export, Global / Local Supply Chain,

Previous Clients

  • GE Data Communications
  • GE Lighting
  • Emerson Electric / Network Power
  • AT&T
  • Northern Telecom
  • Plexus Electronic


Angus Robinson - Sales & Growth

Angus has a proven track record in business creation & growth, and has founded & led a number of companies.  He has a strong sales and marketing focus with extensive experience in identifying, quantifying & commercialising opportunities to achieve sales growth. 

This has resulted in new medical technologies being implemented in the public & private health sectors in the UK and across Europe, which has revolutionised areas of healthcare for patients and healthcare purchasers.

Angus blends technical knowledge with commercial skills and knows what it takes to bring new products successfully to market having been at the centre of bringing to market a number of medical firsts. He has applied his knowledge in an array of fields including medical, nuclear & engineering sectors.


David Trujillo - BS Electronics Control Systems

25 years of experience in the Global Electronic manufacturing industry , with expertise in the areas of Quality Supplier Base, Quality Systems Implementation, Component Engineering Evaluation, Customer Service, Process Control, in companies such as:

  • GEHC ( GE Medical ) 

  • GE Data Communications

  • AT&T 

  •  Northern Telecommunications ( NORTEL )


Victor Rivas - BS Electronics Control Systems, Lean PractitionerCertificate, Six Sigma Certificate 

25 yearexperience in Manufacturing Processes Including;  Electro- Mechanical Assemblies, PCB (thru hole & SMT ) Manufacturing,  Plastic Injection, Metal Forming, Metal Machining, Electro-Plating, Ultrasonic Welding, TIG Welding,  with companies including: 

  • General Electric,
  • Solectron
  • Celestica.


Jorge Moreno - BS Electronics & Communications Engineering

25 years of experience in Electronic Manufacturing ,specializing in Test Engineering in the areas of, Failure Analysis of complex boards (Logic Analyzer, JTAG, BIST, Etc.), Test Operations (ICT, AOI, AXI, FP, Structural Test,) Develop Systems to measure and improve, MDT, MTBF, Failure Analysis Test & Diagnosis ( HW / SW ) NPITest Development for companies including: 

  • Juniper Networks
  • Celestica
  • Lucent Technologies ( AT&T )