Ensuring every person receives lifesaving treatment in their golden hour and platinum ten."


Founded in 2013, Metix has grown from a small dorm-room project into one of the top 100 SMEs in the UK. Following a number of successful grants, prizes and investments, Metix has released 4 alpha prototypes of it's COREMED devices. Thanks to the endorsements and financial backing from various public and private institutions, our first COREMED line of product is poised for testing with NHS and for CE marking in record breaking time. 

At Metix, we aim to constantly develop devices and services that meet needs and exceed expectations inside the demanding healthcare industry. We have organised a comprehensive national supply network to ensure that our quality products and services are available to customers globally.

Metix operates internationally, having two offices (Glasgow and London), a sub-assembly factory in Mexico and a partnership with an ISO 13485 compliant assembly house in the UK. Metix is poised in becoming the fastest growing diagnostics SME in the UK by 2020.

Metix will offer a complete range of market-leading, multi-parameter patient monitoring solutions, capable of operating in all pre-hospital care environments from the Arctic to the Jungle. Our technical team can help advise you to find the ideal products that suit your particular pre-hospital care environment.

In addition to its COREMED product line, Metix is working jointly with other international diagnostics companies to bring a new line of future interconnected medical products to market.